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Yunnan Tianqihua Financial Consulting Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Tianqihua) was established2019The company is located in Jintai Building, Panlong District, Kunming City1206-AIs an Internet technology financial management company focusing on financial and tax services。The group company takes Kunming as the center and radiates to the surrounding area。In the southwest region opened a number of branches, serving nearly a thousand small and medium-sized enterprises。The company specializes in business registration, accounting and tax declaration, company change, license cancellation, lifting anomalies, qualification processing, export tax refund and other related businesses。

You can experience comprehensive financial and tax services, find all the financial and tax services you can think of, and find the corresponding financial and tax consultants according to your needs, directly provide you with one-on-one consultation, and truly serve you all day long.

The advantages of Tianqi China Finance are:

Advanced cloud accounting system, to the enterprise full cycle of services。

Perfect financial management mode, to the whole system of service。

High quality technical service team, to the enterprise full range of services。

High-quality after-sales service team, to the whole process of service。

The corporate mission of Tianqi Finance is:

1We are committed to serving the financial positioning needs of enterprises in different stages of development, through financial management means, establish a financial management model suitable for enterprise development, explore ways to open the bottleneck of enterprise management, find solutions to problems, in order to achieve the strategic goals of enterprise development;

2Develop together with the enterprise to ensure the legality, compliance and safety of the financial operation of the enterprise, evaluate and prevent financial risks, and provide professional and effective financial support to the management of the enterprise;

3Strive to re-establish the organizational structure, the training and establishment of the financial team, the shaping and adjustment of the financial process, and the re-amendment of the financial accounting system, closely cooperate with the enterprise, take the finance as the starting point, provide professional analysis and suggestions for the core needs of enterprise management, and help make the right decision;

The corporate purpose of Tianqi China Finance:

Tianqihua Finance will firmly believe, focus on the high quality of financial and tax professional and technical services, and create value for more customers who need us, our goal is to do a good job"The most professional and assured financial Manager"。