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First, change the business address, the company's business address change is divided into the following two situations:

    1.Change of address in the same area;

    2.Cross-zone address change。

    There is a big difference in the actual operation process

    Change the business scope and business term of the enterprise

    Up to now, we have served thousands of business scope change cases, involving various industries, and efficiently meet the needs。

    3. Change of enterprise legal person

    At present, a total of thousands of change enterprises change legal person cases, involving various industries, efficient completion of the needs。

    4. Change of enterprise name

    5. Change of registered capital

    1.General capital increase;

    2.Second phase payment by the company (enterprise);

    3.The company (enterprise) pays the full amount in the second period;

    4.The company (enterprise) increases the capital and pays in installments;

    5.Company (enterprise) capital reduction verification report;

    6.Company (enterprise) merger capital verification report;

    7.Company (enterprise) division capital verification report。

    6. Equity change

    Vii. Changes in the nature of the company 

    At present, a total of hundreds of company nature change cases, involving various industries, including domestic capital to foreign capital, foreign capital to domestic capital, limited to joint-stock companies and other change needs。

    8. Related changes of other enterprises

    Basic materials for changing business:

    1.Application for registration of company change (signature and seal of new legal person)

    2.Certificate of appointed representative or entrusted agent (signature and seal of new legal person)

    3.Signature and seal of articles of association or amendments to articles of Association

    4.The resolution of the shareholders' meeting shall be signed and sealed

    5.A copy of the company business license

    6.Change registration review form

    7.Business license issuance and filing record form

    8.Other required files for change services