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Bookkeeping and tax declaration

Choose Tianqi China financial outsourcing, accounting and tax reporting agent, you will gain the following advantages over peers in business operation:

    First, the quality and quantity of accounting work: our company sends the corresponding level of accounting professionals to provide you with high-quality, efficient and professional accounting services during the contract service period。

    Second, timely and accurate tax declaration: the working time of the agent accounting is determined to be once a month or once a week depending on the business volume of the owner, and the external report can be reported after the implementation of audit, so that you have no worries。

    3. Professional quality of accounting personnel: The financial accounting personnel of Tianqi China must obtain the national accountant qualification certificate, and have served for many years, and there has never been a case of customer complaint, and they have excellent reputation in the industry。

    In addition, the company has established a mechanism to ensure the implementation of the basic principles of accounting professional ethics to ensure the quality and credibility of the practice。We can provide you with the following deep support and services:

    More specialized, able to think more comprehensively and profoundly, and solve your practical problems

    Our professional services team has leading expertise and extensive practical experience,Thinking and looking at problems in a more comprehensive and far-reaching way,Able to integrate and call all resources,Provide strategic decision support for specific enterprise situations,Enable enterprises to fully exercise internal financial management functions through the use of external financial institutions,Really solve your tax problems。

    Low cost, high efficiency

    You can get our professional accounting services for one-third or less of the cost of hiring a professional accountant。With leading expertise and rich experience, our service team works more efficiently and is willing to make more efforts to provide you with better service。

    Save you the time and cost of managing your tax affairs

    By choosing tax outsourcing, you are like hiring a professional, efficient and trustworthy financial manager, which will greatly save the time you spend on internal tax management, reducing your time and expense costs。

    Allow you to focus on your core business

    Let the senior team of Tianqi China help you solve the financial and tax management affairs, so that you have no worries, concentrate on the development of the company's core business, and achieve the rapid growth and successful development of your career。

    After you complete the business registration procedures, the first thing that comes to mind is who can be competent for the company's financial and accounting position, you may be willing to use your relatives and friends or people you think can be trusted, but do you consider: these people can share legal responsibilities and legal risks for you?Can help you cope with the audit and inspection of law enforcement agencies?Tianqi China Enterprise Service Group is a legal accounting agency approved by the government,We have a strong team of certified public accountants, certified tax agents and senior accountants,On the premise of keeping your business secret,Help you save time and money financially,Make full use of national policy,Obtain legal protection,For you to avoid financial risk,For you to be checked by various law enforcement agencies。